Here at Portland Training we offer Traineeship Programmes which are designed to give young people, aged 19-24 the opportunity to refine and develop their work skills and experience for the world for work. Employers often prefer to hire new staff who can demonstrate enthusiasm, experience, and a track record of being reliable. We work with employers to offer young people a high-quality work experience programme.

What are Traineeships?

Our Traineeship Programme is a quality blend of:

  • Structured study time delivered by our tutors
  • A period of work experience with a reputable employer

The Traineeship Programme allows businesses to create a larger pool of young talent, which may lead to a possible Apprenticeship programme or job. We offer an end-to-end service for the employer and support the young person along their work-based learning route.

Our Traineeships will last from 6 weeks to 6 months (on average around 12 weeks). The length of time depends on the employer and the young person. Typically, the young person will be ‘at work’ with you for between two and three days per week.

How do I benefit?

  • Each employer will receive £1,000 for each traineeship learner (up to ten learners)
  • ‘Try before you hire’ and the ability to personally train your own talent
  • No cost to you, all costs covered by the government and us
  • Can help you increase capacity and productivity
  • We pre-screen the best candidates for every Traineeship, matching them to your requirements
  • We appoint a dedicated point of contact who will provide ongoing support for employers and the learner throughout
  • Because trainees are unemployed, most are eager to work and highly determined to succeed
  • You will add to your company social value be helping young people in your local community
  • If you decide to offer a trainee an Apprenticeship you could be eligible for an Apprenticeship Grant for Employers of up to £3000

What do I have to commit to?

When offering a traineeship work placement, you need to provide:

  • Safe, meaningful and high-quality work experience
  • A minimum of 70 hours of work experience - but no more than 240 hours for benefit claimants - over the duration of the traineeship
  • Constructive feedback and advice to the trainee
  • The Aim of the traineeship course is to prepare the young person to take up an apprenticeship placement or permanent employment. We appreciate due to the current climate this is not always possible therefore once the traineeship finishes the programme, employers are not required to provide a job opportunity. However, they will need to offer the learner a guaranteed a job interview, (if a role becomes available) or an exit interview and a reference from you if no job is available

Which areas do we cover?

We currently deliver our traineeship programmes across the Sheffield City Region, the sectors we currently cover include:

  • Care
  • Retail
  • Admin
  • Construction
  • Logistics
  • Health and Social Care
  • Professional
  • Customer Service

Our Traineeship Delivery Model

We will assess the needs of the learner and prepare them for their work placement by going through a structured Induction pathway and pre-employment training. We work with employers to plan and agree:

  • the days the trainee works
  • how the programme will be delivered

Traineeships are flexible. You can adjust the programme as you go to make sure you and the trainee get the most out of it. The below model provides an outline of what this can look like.

Want to sign up or find out more? We would love to hear from you!

All you need to do is email us at Traineeships@portlandtraining.co.uk or telephone 0114 205515 and we will contact you to discuss in further detail.