Digital, IT and Creative Courses

As we enter the Digital age, competence with technology is joining reading and writing as fundamental skills within the workplace. If you or your staff are not skilled with technology, let alone competent, you are at a major disadvantage and one that is growing every day. That’s where our Digital Skills course comes in.

We’ll teach you key IT skills such as how to use Microsoft Teams (or Zoom or Skype), how to use Microsoft Office, how to protect your computer from malware and security breaches, and how to improve your productivity using computers. If you need to learn how to use computers, our fully-funded course will set you up with a swiss-army knife of impressive skills, all at no cost to you.

All our units are hand-picked by IT expert Steven Hunter as the most essential for employees of any business to be equipped with, you are free to study at your own pace.

The Digital Skills Diploma units are:

  • Improving Productivity using IT
  • Using Collaborative Technologies  (How to use Microsoft Teams/Skype/Zoom)
  • Data management
  • Setting up an IT system
  • Office – Word, PowerPoint, Excel
  • IT security for users
  • Imaging Software

Our courses are FULLY FUNDED and accredited, so when you choose to upskill yourself, or your employees you won't pay a penny and you or your employee will receive a certificate upon completion.

Download our course information here.

Our IT Qualifications are fully funded for all businesses within the Nottinghamshire area if you meet the below eligibility get in touch today to enrol.

Employer Criteria

  • Must have 249 staff or less on PAYE per individual company (as registered on Companies House).
  • Must have either a balance sheet of less than 43 million euros or an annual turnover of less than 50 million euros.

Learner Criteria

  • Aged 16yrs +
  • Must not be currently signed up to another NVQ funded by this same contract.
  • Have current competency to enable our assessors to observe.
  • Reside in the UK and able to take paid employment in a European Union member state.
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