Why Work in Hospitality?

Why Work in Hospitality?

Looking to begin your career and enter the world of work but overwhelmed by options? Or perhaps your current job is not for you anymore and you're looking for a change? This article is the third in a series making the case for working in different fields, to help you make up your mind. And once you've made your choice we will even help you retrain into that field. Without further ado, here are four reasons to work in hospitality.

The people

Hospitality is a people-facing industry. This means that most people who work in it are outgoing, friendly and people-persons. This means you will probably get along well with your colleagues and make friendships that will extend beyond work too.

This goes for the customers too. Working in hospitality, you will meet a wide array of different people over the course of a week, let alone the course of your career.

The flexible hours

The hospitality industry is perfect for those who need to work flexible hours. If you are a student, a parent who wants to spend more time with their kids, or just don’t like the idea of working 9-5, hospitality could be for you.

The variety

Every day is different when working in hospitality. You never know what situation will come up. The logistics that will need to be addressed, the requests from guests or customers, the last minute curveball that forces you to improvise and think outside the box to solve a problem. Hospitality is a job that will keep your mind engaged.

Opportunity to progress

Hospitality and tourism are highly seasonal in nature. Summer hotspots, like beaches and festivals are often empty in the colder months. A bustling destination in winter, like a ski resort or Christmas fare melts away like the snow as the season ends. Staff move around a lot, as businesses hire extra staff on temporary contracts to match the peaks and troughs in demand. This means there is a lot of opportunity to progress diagonally between companies or vertically, by sticking with a company that was impressed with you after the temporary workers leave.


If you like the sound of all those things, you can train to go into hospitality now! Just contact us at 0114 205 5515 or info@portlandtraining.co.uk to register your interest in our Hospitality course.