Why Become a Forklift Truck Driver?

Why Become a Forklift Truck Driver?

Are you considering becoming a forklift truck driver? Not sure whether it's for you? Forklift Driving is one of the most underrated job roles, essential for the smooth running of society yet rarely thought about or appreciated. In this list we'll give you four things you can put in the 'pros' column while deciding whether to become a forklift truck driver.

The Salary

Let’s be honest, this is the first thing anyone wants to know about a job. For a job that requires little formal training, forklift driving commands a decent salary, often around £10 an hour for daytime shifts and £15 a hour for those willing to work nights. An experienced driver can earn £30,000 a year, and senior drivers can earn even more than this.

Job Security

Job insecurity is a major source of stress. It’s hard to enjoy life while worrying about where your next paycheck will come from. If you are a qualified forklift driver, you can say goodbye to that.

Forklift truck driving is one of the most employable jobs in the world, as there is always a need for it. Think about it, or better yet, if you are indoors, take a look around you. Almost everything you see was probably moved by forklift on its journey from factory to store. That’s why 97% of learners who take our FLT (Forklift truck) course find a job within 4 weeks.

What’s more, with the increase in demand for online deliveries, the demand for forklift drivers is only increasing. The number of Counterbalance forklift driver job vacancies is 1618.7% higher than last year, with 2,389 current vacancies*. Becoming a forklift driver is simply the easiest way to find a job and keep it.

The schedule

You will find forklift driving jobs offer all sorts of shedules, often working on rotation. This means you get to experience the benefits of different types of schedule at different times. Some weeks you will be able to enjoy going out with friends or doing acitvities with your family on weekends. Other weeks, you get to enjoy the freedom and peace of a weekday to yourself. You are able to run your errands or go shopping at your own pace, go for a nice walk or spend time in a café without the chaos of a packed Saturday.

The Options

There are many types of work available for forklift drivers. You can work in warehouses, or construction sites. You can work in setting up events and entertainment venues. Maybe you will move set pieces that big stars like The Weekend will use!

Maybe you prefer a quiet life by the sea, where the chime of seagulls fills your ears and a salty sea breeze fills your nostrils? Well, you can pursue dock work, loading and unloading goods from boats. With Forklift truck driving, the options are endless.


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