The ‘cons’ of warehouse work that are actually ‘pros’.

The ‘cons’ of warehouse work that are actually ‘pros’.

Warehouse work has a bit of a bad reputation. People worry that the job will boring, repetitive, and physically demanding. But we think warehouse jobs have a lot more to offer than people realize. Take a look at some of the misconceptions people have about warehouse jobs.

It’s ‘physically demanding’.

It's true that if you work in a warehouse, you are on your feet throughout the day. You are walking, bending, lifting, you are in motion. But doesn’t that feel like the natural form for work? We are meant to be moving around while working, and sitting down while resting afterwards. Instead, many people sit hunched over in an office chair all day at work. Then they sit in their car to drive home, and then sit in front of the tv to decompress from work, and then lay in bed. This kind of sedentary lifestyle does not keep you fit!

It’s a ‘dead-end’ job.

In contrast, there is plenty of opportunity for promotion in the warehouse industry. You can climb the ranks to quality assurer, supervisor, auditor, and even jobs outside the warehouse but within the same company.

It’s mind-numbing.

Many people think that warehouse work is repetitive and therefore mind-numbing. Au contraire! Time goes by very quickly, because there is always something to do. There is no time to stand around and stare at the clock while working in a warehouse (unless it’s your break).

It’s not a job you can be proud of.

Warehouse worker doesn’t carry the same prestige as doctor or lawyer. That’s largely because of the low barrier-to-entry. It’s true that you don’t need years of training or fancy degrees to pick up work in a warehouse, but that is a good thing! It also pays well (average pay £10.26 an hour, and can go much higher with experience) and is essential to the supply chain that keeps society up and running.


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