Run a warehouse or construction site? We deliver pre-trained staff to your doorstep at no cost.

Run a warehouse or construction site? We deliver pre-trained staff to your doorstep at no cost.

Recruiting is a waste of time. You have to spend time creating job adverts, trying to lure in those who might be interested in your business. Then, after you have found your candidate, you have to spend time training them up. This means you spend a week or more paying the salary of a worker who is half as effective as your other workers, while they get the hang of things. Plus, you have to sacrifice the productive time of your experienced workers while they teach your new recruit the ropes.

Overall, the recruiting process takes a significant chunk out of any businesses time, money and energy. Do you really need to take this hit every time you take on new staff?

We say no. At Portland Training, we use a ‘SWAP programme’. A system designed to benefit both us and you, without costing you a penny. Here’s how it works.

1) We work with the job centres, and recruit individuals directly, to create groups of learners looking for a change of career.

2) We find out from you what kind of bespoke training you would like us to provide.

3) We provide a stream of ‘oven-ready’ learners. Streamlining your recruitment process, so that all you have to do is a brief interview to give your final sign-off.

We provide recruits with training in warehousing or construction that is bespoke to your company. That means that if you run a warehouse, we will duplicate your setup, teach our learners how things are done at your warehouse, and even train them to use the software and technology used at your warehouse.

If you run a construction site, we will train staff to your high standards of health and safety, and ensure that recruits share your companies vision and values.

If that piques your interest, get in touch with our Lead Progression Officer Emma Field at or 07912759696.