I’m a construction worker, now what? Can I specialize?

I’m a construction worker, now what? Can I specialize?

So you’ve got your CSCS card. You’ve been hired. Congratulations! But maybe you’ve decided being a general labourer isn’t for you. Luckily, there’s a lot of options on this front. Labourers can specialize in anything they’ve gained a lot of experience working with, or they can seek out an apprenticeship in their desired area. 

Here are just some of the many specialties a general labourer might consider.

Steel Erector

Steel erectors help erect large steel structures. Usually cranes and scissor lifts are involved, and the worker will obviously have to be comfortable with heights.


Carpenters work with wood, producing everything from tables and chairs to decks and coffins!


A glazier is responsible for cutting and installing glass, in windows, doors, skylights etc.


Roadworkers are responsible for laying and maintaining roads. If you do your initial training with Portland Training, you can specialise in roadwork from the beginning. Our ‘Fast Track to Construction’ course not only gets you a CSCS card, but also qualifies you in highways maintenance and dumper driving.


Painters are responsible for painting and decorating buildings.


A stonemason works with rocks with the purpose of building with them. Their role might consist of extracting important rocks, cutting and shaping them, or fixing them onto buildings.


With so many possibilities available, why not start your construction journey today?

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