How to survive the boredom of unemployment.

How to survive the boredom of unemployment.

We all know that unemployment creates financial stress, but this tends to overshadow one of the other downsides of being unemployed. Boredom boredom boredom. The lack of activity and purpose can be a lead weight dragging down your mental health. This quick and handy guide will give you three mantras you can keep coming back to in order to manage the boredom.  

Keep a routine

It’s important to keep some sort of routine, otherwise the days all blur into one. Having a routine also prevents you from wasting the day. You would never plan to spend a whole wednesday on the sofa watching youtube videos, but if you follow your impluses moment to moment it can easily happen. An ideal routine should involve a bit of physical exercise, a hobby that stimulates the mind, and of course dedicating a certain number of hours to job hunting.

Keep an eye on your sleep schedule

When you are unemployed, it’s easy for your sleep schedule to fall out of wack. We all know that horrible feeling when you are laying in bed, just starting to fall asleep, and you hear the birds begin to chirp outside.

For your sanity, set an alarm for a reasonable hour. Even if you have nothing in particular to wake up for. You'll find it much easier to pick up a hobby or job if it isn't an uphill battle just to wake up on time. Waking up and going to sleep at roughly the same time as the sun does is a good rule of thumb.

Get a job

Applying for jobs can be infuriating. Writing personalized cover letters for every job. Typing in every element of your CV manually, even though you already uploaded it! Firing off application after application, to never hear back in the end.

The good news is, if you’re happy to work in construction, forklift driving, warehousing or security, your job search can end with having found this page. We offer government funded training courses in all of the above. We are closely integrated with local communities of employers, and we connect our learners with those employers upon passing the course. In fact, many of courses come with a GUARANTEED INTERVIEW. So if that sounds interesting, get in touch!


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