5 Business Reasons to support LGBT+ Equality today

5 Business Reasons to support LGBT+ Equality today

5 Business Reasons to support LGBT+ Equality today

  1. Larger Pool of talent

If you are willing to hire all types of people, you have a larger pool of talent to draw from. This gives you an edge over the more closed-minded competitor. To get the maximum benefit, it is important that you are not only willing to hire diverse people but also foster an inclusive environment in which differences are tolerated. This is something that minority groups consider when looking for places to bring their talents.

  1. Productivity and morale

Many LGBT+ staff have been subjected to harassment at work. As you can imagine, this has a significant impact on morale. A further 46% of LGBT staff are not ‘out’ at work, for fear of harassment.

How much energy is needlessly wasted on pretending to be someone you are not? Hiding natural ways of speaking, body language, facial expressions, keeping on top of lies!

This imposes a needless cost in energy that could have been put to better work. In fact, 25% of LGBT+ workers report feeling distracted from work, and a further 17% feel exhausted from spending time and energy hiding their sexual orientation or gender identity.

  1. Health and Safety

In construction and many other industries, staff deal with tools or machinery that require delicate care and focus to be used safely. Snide remarks and bullying can push employees out of the necessary headspace to focus 100% on the task in hand. This can have serious, even deadly consequences.

  1. Employee retention

When you retain staff for a long period of time, they become better at their job, more comfortable, more productive. They are allowed to accumulate the skills that are specific to their role. They are allowed to become familiar with how things are done at your workplace, bonds are developed with teams.

In contrast, hiring new staff is a drain on resources. Productive time is lost every time a member of staff leaves, and employers must begin the process of advertising the vacancy, reviewing CV’s and cover letters, interviewing staff, have other employees spend time training them.

In short, while it is essential sometimes, hiring new staff when you already have someone good is something to avoid. And yet, many employers do nothing to reduce turnover among LGBT+ staff. 1 in 10 LGBT+ workers have left a job because the environment was not accepting.

  1. Public relations

The public is rapidly becoming more accepting of all kinds of differences. As a company, you want to be ahead of the curve. Do not wait until everybody is on board with equality before touting it. The longer you wait, the more insincere it looks.

Plus, as a brand, you want to be associated with positive ideas in your customers' minds. Equality, diversity, and progress are positive, uplifting ideas. Closed-mindedness, bigotry, and hate are not.


All statistics cited can be found here

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