4 reasons to work for Portland Training

4 reasons to work for Portland Training

1)We are Investors in People Gold

Investors in People are an organization that evaluates how well workplaces are leading, supporting and improving their staff. We were certified ‘Gold’, something only 17% of organizations have managed. 

2)We are a Living Wage Employer

We believe employees should make a living wage, not just the legal bare minimum. That's why all of our employees are paid a living wage!

3) We are a Mindful Employer

We are a registered mindful employer. That means we have signed a charter promising

  • To support staff struggling with mental health issues
  • To not discriminate because of mental health in the hiring process
  • To have staff trained in dealing properly with mental health issues
  • To generally look out for employees’ mental wellbeing at work

4) 100% of our staff are happy to work for Portland Training

We look after our staff, respect their work-life balance, and give them the space and support to grow. The environment in the office is laid-back and chatty, while still getting things done. The result is that 100% of our staff say they are ‘happy for work for Portland Training’.

If you want to work for Portland Training too, check out our vacancies here: Work For Us - Portland Training

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